You are welcome to book a lesson that is split or shared between siblings, a parent/child or different members of the same household, but the price will be slightly higher than if just one person.

If the lesson is split (i.e. two separate individual lessons) the price would be the same as if it were for just one pupil, plus an extra £7.

We charge more because two 30 minute lessons will always involve more preparation and active teaching time than a more relaxed, slower-paced 60 minute lesson with one pupil. We believe the compromise between the two is fairer to our tutors, who would have an increased workload/intensity; but also gives you a discount as the tutor will have less travel time.

If the lesson is to be shared between two pupils (i.e. both people being taught at the same time) then the prices will be the same as above.  Note that a shared lesson must be two people of the same standard who are happy to learn the same songs. Sharing lessons in this way is often not as efficient as it sounds. If one person is making progress faster than the other, it can mean much slower progress for one, and extremely discouraging for the other. It can often be better in the long term to split the lesson, and be taught individually.

Prices for one pupil:

  • 45 mins – £37
  • 60 mins – £45
  • 75 mins – £53
  • 90 mins – £61 (increases in £8 intervals)

Prices for two pupils:

  • 60 mins – £45+7 = £52
  • 75 mins – £53+7 = £60
  • 90 mins – £61+7 = £68