Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering 333 Music for your guitar tuition.

You can pay for the lesson by credit card or Apple/Google Pay on this website, or by bank transfer. The latter is preferred if making large payments, but please pay BEFORE the day of the lesson if using this method. Please include the name of the tutor and the pupil in the reference of any bank transfer.

If you cannot pay online, then please contact us to arrange payment by cash to the tutor. If you purchase 10 lessons in advance, we will give you the 11th lesson for free.


If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact us or your tutor as soon as possible. You need to give at least 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson. If there is less than 48 hours before the start time, we reserve the right to charge the full amount. If a tutor is unreasonably late, we will also give you the option to cancel the lesson without charge. Do bear in mind that London transport can be unpredictable, so allow around 15 minutes leeway either side of the lesson start time.

If you are paying for lessons in advance (such as the 11 lessons for the price of 10 offer) you must take the lessons within one year, otherwise they are subject to any price increase that might have occurred in that time. The extra balance to be paid would be the price difference per lesson multiplied by the amount of  remaining lessons in the set.

If for any reason, 333 Music cannot complete any of the remaining lessons of the set, a refund will be offered based on the average price you paid for each lesson (multiplied by the amount of remaining lessons). If for any reason you cannot complete the set of lessons paid for, we will refund you any paid-for lessons you have left of the set of 10 – but you would not receive the 11th ‘free’ lesson.

Please be respectful to our tutors and staff. No offensive or unacceptable behaviour tolerated.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: http://londonguitarlessons.net/privacy-policy