With over 16 years experience playing and performing guitar as a working musician, Conor makes a point to tailor the lessons to the student – with an emphasis on keeping the lessons fun, interesting and inspiring. He has studied music at both ACM in Guildford and BIMM in Brighton, and has taught guitar lessons privately and in schools. He has been involved in a number of music projects signed to major labels and indie labels; extensive touring as well as receiving airplay all around the world. In addition to this, Conor has been doing session work with high profile artists and celebrities of notoriety.

Conor is dedicated to helping students with long-term goals, with a focus on many aspects, including music theory (such as help with triads, chord progressions, chord extensions and intervals), scales, arpeggios, the CAGED system, soloing, ear training and help with grades. He also teaches composition and music production.